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One studio, five expertise

Nowadays, everything is changing with increasing speed and the world of NFTs is no exception. This is why we have created a studio specialized in NFT projects.

A studio that brings together expertise in 5 key areas, to guide you in this incredible decentralized world.

Strategic consulting

Technical development

Graphics & Design

Marketing & Content

Growth Acquisition

1) Strategic consulting

Venturing into an NFT project requires knowledge of market trends to understand where value is being created.

It is necessary to launch a viable, meaningful and long term project.

Our NFT experts have only one mission: to lead you to the moon!


NFTs technical requirements are too often underestimated. The smart contracts are the foundation on which the NFT project will rest for the remaining of its life, so it is essential to draft it with care to avoid any flaws that could ultimately lead the project to fail.

This is why we have a team of talented and dedicated developers.


The vast majority of NFT projects requires a strong and differentiating graphic identity.

Whether it is a 3D NFT project in the metaverse or a 2D JPEG collection, it is paramount to master the artistic codes and find the right inspirations to create a strong cultural identity around the project.

This is how we work with our inspiring and creative designers.


If we work on your NFT project, chances are the world will want to know about it. In NFT, marketing is about community.

The world is diverse, and thus it requires expertise to target the right audience at the best possible time and through the best possible channel.

This is how our marketing and content experts will guide you.


Down to earth, there is no magic. To make someone talk about your project, it has to be more than exciting.

And the quality of the NFT project is not enough. There are methods, hacks and tricks that can be used to increase the referral value of the project.

And for that, we have the best growth acquisition specialists.

We took them to the moon
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The Wagmi Team

The NFT market is huge. Opportunities pop up everywhere. We believe that beyond the trend, NFTs are here for the long term. So are we.

We are building the Wagmi Studio with the mindset that anyone can become an actor of this incredible ecosystem.

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